1. Go to your JMC Online Gradebook icon on your desktop and login using your JMC username and password.
  2. File (in JMC)
  3. Office to teacher - wait patiently for the message "Office to Teacher completed successfully" to appear. DO THIS ONLY ONCE! If you do this step more than once, you will lose the grades you have recorded.
  4. OK
  5. Edit
  6. Course Grades (NOT Midterm!!!) Make sure you use the drop down menu to access Sem. 1 classes. Highlight the cell for quarter 2 and select appropriate grade listed to the right of the screen. The CM column is for your comments for 2nd Qtr.Repeat this procedure for all your classes.
  7. SAVE—You can save after each class or save when you have completed recording all your classes.
  8. Hit DONE
  9. Go to--> File (in the JMC Gradebook)
  10. Print --->Sem. 1---> please print a hard copy of your grades. The print button is in the lower right hand corner of the pg.
  11. Proofread your grades carefully.
  12. If you need to make corrections, Go to Edit, Course Grades and make correction. Save and Done. If you make corrections, print again, and in red ink state that it is an updated copy before you slide it under Cindy's door.
  14. File (in JMC Gradebook)
  15. Teacher to Office—Wait patiently to see the message “Teacher to Office completed successfully”. If you forget this, your grades are not submitted.
  16. File (in JMC Gradebook)
  17. Log Out— Cancel at Publish assignments through (Update if you are using the JMC Gradebook Application as your Gradebook! ) The gradebook will go blank, close out using the X in the upper right hand corner.
  18. Please place a printed copy of your grades in Cindy Richter's office and check off you name.

Additional information about making corrections

If you need to make corrections before you send your grades to the office. (Teacher to Office) Go to Edit, Course Grades and make correction, Save, Done Print, and then Teacher to Office.
If you need to make corrections after you have sent grades to the office, you must repeat steps 1, 6-17.
ORContact Cindy to see how you should proceed.